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Take control of your finances with Kakebo, the comprehensive application for expense tracking, budget planning, and financial management.

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Your Companion for Financial Management

Discover the effectiveness of Kakebo, the app that revolutionizes your financial management.

Track monthly expenses, create personalized budgets, and achieve financial goals with ease. With advanced tracking features, detailed graphs, and multi-currency support, Kakebo is your faithful companion in optimizing savings.


Spending Tracker

Quickly track your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. With Kakebo, expense management becomes an intuitive experience.


Budget Planner

Create customized budgets for each spending category. Tailor your budget to your needs and track your progress in achieving financial goals.


Money Manager

Track expenses, plan your budget, and work towards achieving your financial goals. Kakebo is your reliable companion in managing your financial resources.


Charts and Analysis

Get detailed analysis through charts and insights. Make smarter financial decisions based on clear and understandable data.


Accounts and Categories

Organize your income and expenses to tailor your financial experience. The intuitive structure allows you to easily track every transaction.


Scheduled Payments

Manage your bills and avoid missing important payments. Kakebo notifies you promptly to ensure you keep your financial situation under control.


Multi-Currency Support

Easily manage different currencies with our multi-currency support feature. Kakebo is designed to adapt to your global financial needs.


Light and Dark Themes

Customize your visual experience by choosing between light and dark themes. Tailor Kakebo to your preferred style.


User-Friendly Interface

Accessible to both financial experts and beginners, Kakebo's user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.


Japanese Kakeibo Method

Bringing traditional effectiveness into the modern management of personal finances. Kakebo is inspired by the renowned Japanese Kakeibo method to ensure tangible results.


Free Version with Ads

Start with our free version and upgrade to a seamless experience when you're ready. Kakebo is here to guide you in your financial growth.

Master Your Finances Today!

Download Kakebo today and take complete control of your finances.

Achieve your financial goals, save money, and master your personal and family finances with our expense manager and budget planner.

Your financial security is within reach with Kakebo!

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